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Brand: Puchi Tibet IBZ
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Meet this very beautiful jewelry collection of Tibetan girl Puchi Rial. We've met her and her great husband and sons on "Treasure Island" Ibiza. She was born in the valley of river Giangtze, at 4000 meters high, in a small rural town called Pachoel Riverside. 

She has spent her time with house and farm work (making everything they needed for daily life). In the autumn of the year '99, she sees, for the first in her life, a foreigner: Daniel, he did great humanitarian work for a Spanish organization. Although they could not communicate because he did not speak in Tibetan, and she could not speak English, they did feel a connection and after meeting each other for a few times, they knew it was love. They got married with dances and songs according to her Tibetan traditions.

After a few years they came to live in Ibiza where she started to make scarves, keychains and manufacturing and importing things which was prepared by her family and friends in Tibet. It was such a great succes that they earned a great spot at the top markets in Ibiza. 

⋘⋘ △"The collection is a summary of colors and shapes of Tibetan spirit of their lifestyles and the ritual of Tibetan Buddhism."△ ⋙⋙


  • Colorful Beaded necklace from the hand-crafted collection by Puchi Tibet IBZ. 
  • Necklace is made in Tibet, from white metal, surrounded by turquoise, lapiz lazuli, mountain coral stones and colorful beads.
  • Nickel free.
  • Eye hooks closure.
  • Length of this necklace is 24 cm.
  • Width: 12 cm. 
  • Total length around: 48 cm. 
  • Perfectly wearable with your vintage tees. 

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